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  • Rebecca T-F

Reflections of 2021

A little over 6 months ago, we launched Wild Cornish Soap and it has already been a fantastic experience. We have sold hundreds of soaps to hands across the UK - which has always been the dream! Running a craft business is a great learning curve and building on economies of scale to grow is crucial.

Lessons learned:

  • Maintaining work life balance is key - lots of planning is needed to not burn out

  • Creativity is a mess! No matter how much space you have there will be stock and packaging in every space!

  • Find the knowledge gap and fill it!

  • We have a 5 year plan for Wild Cornish Soap and it can be so exciting to rush ahead. Patience and enabling natural growth is an important skill.

So what is next for 2022?

We are looking to expand our products lines to include skincare products without the curing time! Having to plan and produce stock 6-8 weeks in advance is hard work - especially around a full time job and all that life provides.

Completing a diploma in organic skincare will build on my Zoology degree and enable time to experiement with new formulations. The body is an amazingly complex system and nature holds botanical benefits to meet all our skincare needs. Hopefully our incoming offer of herbal salts and creams will be great options for our customers and easier on our time. We have lots of exciting plans ahead but slow and steady wins the race!

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